Energy & Fatigue

Fix Fatigue, Boost Your Energy: The 7 Basic Steps.

All people with chronic Lyme disease have fatigue and low energy. There are basic steps you can take to correct this problem. These range from getting sleep to fixing and getting rid of underlying infections like Lyme, yeast, or viruses. In this article I describe the basic steps you should take to fix this problem.

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The Best Brain, Inflammation, Pain, Energy, and Detox Diet Ever

Try this diet. I think it is the best option for someone with chronic Lyme disease. It is designed to: improve brain function and grow nerve connections, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease which Lyme can trigger, decrease inflammation and inflammation cytokines from infection, prevent and treats yeast overgrowth in …

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Power Up! Energy and Mitochondria

You can improve your energy in chronic Lyme disease by fixing the power factories of cells called mitochondria. For many with Lyme, the mitochondria get injured and do not produce enough energy. But there are effective steps to take that fix the damage and give energy back.

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In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Ashwagandha is an herbal medicine adaptogen, a substance which improves the ability to withstand stress, that

  • improves energy and stamina,
  • stimulates white blood cells to fight infection,
  • balances adrenal and thyroid gland function, and
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NT Factor Phospholipids

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases NT Factor phospholipids for lipid replacement therapy

  • decreases fatigue,
  • improves mental clarity,
  • repairs cell damage.
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Hypothyroidism. The Best Tests, Meds, &  Vitamins.

This paper is longer than usual. In it I provide a very detailed analysis of hypothyroidism in Lyme. Be patient as you read it. The "what to do part" is at the end. But to understand my recommendations you need to understand why most physicians approaches to thyroid illness do not work in Lyme.

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Heavy Metals: The Problem & The Best Test.

In chronic Lyme disease heavy metal toxicity (like lead and mercury) can cause

  • low energy,
  • poor nerve function and thinking,
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Heat Up. Speed Up. About Thyroid & Adrenals.

Low hormones occur often in chronic Lyme disease. If you have symptoms of low hormones use the supplements and drugs I recommend in this article. Do not trust blood tests to decide if you should treat your thyroid or adrenals.

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Too Tired? Try These Top Energizers.

Marty Ross MD explains the top treatments to boost energy in Lyme disease. Try these treatments that fix the cell energy factories, support the adrenal glands, and provide key energy nutrients. 

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IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous nutritional therapies deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micro-nutrients directly into the blood stream. This direct method, bypassing the digestive system, delivers a high level of nutrients directly to the body's cells. IV therapies can benefit those with disease states when diet and/or oral supplements do not work alone. In chronic Lyme disease, IV nutritional therapy can improve:

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Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Vit. C, UV Blood Irradiation & Lyme

Oxidation Therapy using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet irradiation, and high dose IV vitamin C may help in Lyme, but it could be dangerous. See why in this article by Marty Ross MD

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