How to Successfully Treat Lyme:
Key Info before You Treat or Treat Again

What Works?
Navigating Prescription & Alternative Medicine Lyme Treatments

Marty Ross MD reviews the success rates of antibiotics and various alternative medicine treatments for Lyme disease. See what works based on research and Dr. Ross' extensive experience. 

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Why Chronic Lyme Treatment Fails - A Review with Strategies

Marty Ross MD reviews reasons people remain ill with chronic Lyme disease even after taking one to two or even more years of herbal or prescription antibiotics. In his experience, this seems to be about 15 percent of people with chronic Lyme disease. 

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Intestinal Microbiome Function & Protection Strategies in Lyme Disease Treatment

Here are Marty Ross MD's top strategies to protect the intestinal microbiome during a Lyme disease treatment. In this article Dr. Ross also reviews the key functions of the intestinal microbiome. 

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Nine Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Hacks

Marty Ross MD presents nine hacks for Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Watch this video and Powerpoint presentation to find real ways to improve your health.

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Good Shit! Your Guide to a Healthy Intestinal Microbiome—Even on Antibiotics

Marty Ross, MD lays out the best ways to protect your intestinal microbiome while on antibiotics to treat tick-borne infections. This article includes Marty Ross, MDs Gut Health Action Plan.

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