One to One Medical Consult Service

About the private Consultations

We provide medical advice directly to you or your physician through our One-to-One Medical Consult service with Marty Ross MD. The purpose of this remote internet video service is to provide information you or your physician can use to guide your health care.

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How it Works


Have an internet video consult with Marty Ross MD to review real solutions for your medical problems. (Read about our Disclaimer and Requirements below.)

  • Figure out what is wrong. In this consult Marty Ross MD can provide a second opinion about whether you have Lyme disease, an associated tick-borne disease, a complication of Lyme disease, or another illness like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Review treatment options. Marty Ross MD will suggest possible testing, diagnosis, and/or integrative medicine treatment approaches you could try for your illness or specific symptoms. For instance, if you are having problems with thinking or low energy he could recommend specific natural or prescription medicines that can be helpful. Recommendations about natural medicines or prescriptions will include suggested dosing.

Your Physician

We encourage you to share the results of your One-to-One Medical Consult with your physician.

  • Your physician can call The Healing Arts Partnership to set up a brief 5-10 minute no charge appointment with Marty Ross MD to discuss the findings and recommendations of your One-to-One Medical Consult.
  • If your physician agrees he/she will order the recommended prescriptions or testing.


Review our consent form to see if this service is right for you. Because a consult does not include an in-person medical exam there are limitations on the accuracy of the recommendations. These consults are informational only and do not establish a physician-patient relationship. During the consult Marty Ross MD will not prescribe medications or order any testing.


  • Have Skype on your computer. Make sure you have a working web camera and an internet connection.
  • Fax a signed consent form and laboratory or radiology studies you want Marty Ross MD to review the day before your appointment to The Healing Arts Partnership at 206 932-3738. We must receive the signed consent form at least 24 hours before your appointment to secure your spot.
  • Provide a credit card at the time you schedule the appointment to secure your time slot. We will only charge the card after the visit is complete or for the cost of the visit if you do not cancel 24 hours in advance.

Make Your Appointment

Before you contact us with questions about this service or to set up your appointment please read the entire contents of this page and the consent form. This will save you time and help our limited staff.

or call 800 470-7217

US and Canada Only

  • For limited questions set up a 30 minute visit.
  • To develop a complete treatment set up a 60 minute visit.

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