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NT Factor in Lyme disease by Marty Ross MD image.

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases NT Factor phospholipids for lipid replacement therapy

  • decreases fatigue,
  • improves mental clarity,
  • repairs cell damage.

Marty Ross MD on NT Factor Phospholipids in Lyme diseases.

I routinely recommend a supplement product containing NT Factor phospholipids for low energy or difficulty with thinking and brain function when someone is 4 to 6 months into a comprehensive chronic Lyme disease treatment. The proprietary formula of phospholipid fats including phosphatidyl choline found in NT Factor repair damage to the covering of cells and mitochondria. These coverings are made of a two layer fat membrane called a lipid bilayer (see the diagram above). Mitochondria are the energy factories found in every cell. The phospholipid fats repair nerve and other cell coverings as well.  Learn more about mitochondria in the article Power Up! Energy and Mitochondria.

In chronic Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, the immune reactions that kill germs create oxidizing agents. This is good, however in excess these oxidizing agents damage the phospholipid coverings. Over a prolonged time period, the cells and mitochondria lose the ability to repair this damage.

Based on research of people reporting fatigue, NT Factor improves fatigue by an average of 40% by 8 weeks of use. (1) There are other studies using NT Factor for lipid replacement therapy that show benefits in various cellular functions as well. (2) Since 2010 I have worked with a supplement containing NT Factor in my practice and find it helps people with chronic Lyme disease as well as those with chronic fatigue syndrome. The improvements I see are similar to those found in the research. (Note:NT Factor is a proprietary blend of phospholipids which supplement manufactures include in various supplement products as one ingredient.)

The reason I wait 4-6 months to start NT Factor Phospholipids is that a comprehensive treatment approach like The Ross Lyme Support Protocol corrects many abnormalities caused by Lyme including mitochondria dysfunction and cell wall damage which improves energy and cognition by 4-6 months.

Method of Action

NT Factor contains phosphatidyl choline and other phospholipid fats encapsulated in a way that they are absorbed into cell coverings and mitochondria coverings starting through the intestines. Phospholipids make up the covering of every cell in the body including brain and nerve cells. The mitochondria energy factories found in the cells also have coverings made up of phospholipids. The healthy phospholipids from NT Factor are absorbed by the damaged cell coverings. Once the damaged cell coverings are repaired excess healthy phospholipids are then transferred to the coverings of the mitochondria where repair also occurs.

Mitochondria cell energy factories require a healthy covering to generate energy. With a healthy covering the mitochondria more effectively absorb critical nutrients they require to create energy. The chemical reactions that create energy in the mitochondria require electrons. These electrons are only provided by a healthy phospholipid covering.  So after NT Factor is taken for a number of months, the electron transfer required in the energy generating chemical reactions takes place more effectively resulting in greater cell energy generation.


I recommend a supplement containing NT Factor Phospholipids as 2 pills 3 times a day taken with food for a miniumum of 2 months. If fatigue decreases then after 2 months change to 1 pill 3 times a day. If there is no benefit by 2 months, then stop.


This is a safe herbal medicine without any know adverse interactions with other herbal medicines or prescription medicines.It should not be used during pregnancy because saftey studies have not been performed.


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