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Solving the Puzzle—The Ross Long Covid Support Protocol

Marty Ross, MD lays out a root cause approach to help those living with Long Covid. The science-based approach works with lifestyle changes, medications, and nutritional-based supplements.

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How to Deal with Stress in Tick-borne Infections or Mold Toxicity

Marty Ross, MD discusses stress management strategies and supplements for people living with tick-borne infections or mold toxicity.

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Power Up Your Mighty Mitochondria & Get Energy

Tick-borne infections and mold toxicity can hurt the cell energy factories called mitochondria. Here are steps to fix this problem from Marty Ross MD.

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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome in Infections & Mold Toxicity

Mast cells are immune system cells found throughout the body. In the past, in medicine we thought they were only turned on to release histamines in allergic reactions. However we now know that they are turned on by a host of things...

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How to Fix Muscle Wasting in Tick-Borne Infections and Mold Toxicity

Marty Ross MD explains the best ways to repair muscle wasting in Lyme disease, tick-borne infections and mold toxicity. 

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Mighty Methylene Blue for Tick-borne Infections and More

Marty Ross, MD explains when and how to use methylene blue to treat Lyme and Bartonella. Dr. Ross also reviews precautions your should take.

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Brain Fog in Lyme Disease: You Can Fix It

Marty Ross, MD describes how to fix brain fog, thinking problems, and cognitive dysfunction in Lyme disease, tick-borne infections, and mold toxicity. In this layered approach, you have many different options to brain fog and cognitive dysfunction.

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Interstitial Cystitis & Bladder Symptoms in Bartonella and Lyme

Bladder pain, peeing frequently, and burning with urination in Lyme disease may be caused by Interstitial Cystitis. Marty Ross MD reviews natural medicines and diet changes that can help this problem.

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It's Tricky—How to Diagnose & Treat Low Thyroid

This paper is longer than usual. In it I provide a very detailed analysis of hypothyroidism in Lyme. Be patient as you read it. The "what to do part" is at the end. But to understand my recommendations you need to understand why most physicians approaches to thyroid illness do not work in Lyme.

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Is SOT for Lyme & Tick-borne Infections a Scam?

A new Lyme disease and coinfection therapy is called Supportive Oligonucelotide Therapy (SOT). This treatment uses laboratory derived genetic code to stop germ growth and replication. In this article Marty Ross MD reviews whether SOT for Lyme is safe and effective. 

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Phage Test for Active Tick-borne Infections

The Phelix Phage Test is a novel way to test for living Borrelia and Ricketsia. Marty Ross, MD discusses the pros and cons of this new testing method offered by Red Laboratories.

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Action Guide—Medicine Hyper-reactivity & Sensitivity

Marty Ross, MD explains his successfull approach for medicine and supplement hypersensitive people in Lyme and related diseases. Here are the steps you can take. 

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Manage Autoimmune Diseases in Lyme and Related Infections

Marty Ross MD Shows you how to manage autoimmune disease in Lyme and related infections.

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How to Diagnose Babesia in Chronic Lyme Disease

Babesia is a coinfection found in Lyme disease. Like the Lyme germ, babesia is transmitted by a tick bite. When present it should be treated early in a Lyme disease treatment. Unfortunately the tests for diagnosing babesia are unreliable. Here are the steps I recommend for diagnosing this infection.

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How to Diagnose Bartonella in Chronic Lyme Disease

Bartonella is hard to diagnose. Marty Ross MD explains the best ways to figure out if you have Bartonella in a chronic Lyme disease treatment.

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The Best Lab & Test for Borrelia, Bartonella, & Babesia

Marty Ross MD explains why the IGenex Immunoblots are the best tests for most tick-borne infections. Watch this video article to see why.

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Fix Fatigue & Boost Energy: The Basic Steps

Almost All people with chronic Lyme disease, tick-borne infections and mold toxicity have fatigue and low energy. Here are some basic action steps you can take to address this symptom. 

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