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Rife Machines for Lyme Disease Treatment

Marty Ross MD describes how Rife machines could work to treat Lyme and whether they are effective or not. He also provides resources for those considering using Rife machines to treat Lyme disease.

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Is Antabuse (disulfiram) The Magic Bullet for Chronic Lyme Disease?

Marty Ross MD discusses recent promising research on using Antabuse (disulfiram) as an antibiotic to treat persister Lyme. Antabuse is approved to treat alcohol addiction, but can help as an antibiotic in Lyme.

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How to Treat Persister Lyme. What Works?

Lyme disease is hard to treat. While a majority of people with acute Lyme do get better following the standard one to two months of antibiotics recommended by The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Infectious Diseases Society of America, many do not.

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Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, & CBD for Lyme

I live in Washington state where state law provides for both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Federal law does not allow for medical marijuana, but it allows for the unrestricted sale of products derived from hemp.

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A Silent Problem - Is It Yeast?

Too many yeast in the intestines (yeast overgrowth) is a common problem that occurs in those with chronic Lyme disease either during treatment or prior to beginning treatment. Antibiotics used to treat Lyme can lead to too many yeast. Immune suppression prior to starting antibiotics can also cause yeast overgrowth.

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Mental Health Psychiatric Problems - It Could Be Bartonella

Marty Ross MD explains why to think of bartonella if you have psychiatric and mental health problems in Lyme disease. These problems include depression, anxiety, depersonalizaition, rage, anger, hallucinations, mania, and more.

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How to Diagnose Bartonella in Chronic Lyme Disease

Bartonella is hard to diagnose. Marty Ross MD explains the best ways to figure out if you have Bartonella in a chronic Lyme disease treatment.

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Fix Fatigue & Boost Energy: The Basic Steps

All people with chronic Lyme disease have fatigue and low energy. There are basic steps you can take to correct this problem. These range from getting sleep to fixing and getting rid of underlying infections like Lyme, yeast, or viruses. In this article I describe the basic steps you should take to fix this problem.

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Lyme Detoxification 101: The Basics

Marty Ross MD explains the basic detox steps to take in a Lyme disease treatment. Basic detox steps include organic foods, water, detox antioxidants, curcumin, and using probiotics.

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Sleep: The Natural Medicines

Sleep is often disturbed in chronic Lyme disease. Lack of adequate sleep worsens pain, causes fatigue, increases inflammatory cytokines and suppresses the immune system. It appears that in response to infection, the excess inflammatory cytokines produced by the immune system disturb the sleep centers of the brain.

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Essential Oils for Persister Lyme May Help

Essential oils can kill persister Lyme in lab experiments. Marty Ross MD reviews the science and suggest the best way to use essential oils to treat Lyme persisters.

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Lyme Disease Pain Treatment

Marty Ross MD reviews the best ways to reduce and eliminate pain in chronic Lyme disease. He takes a holistic approach which incorporates sleep, diet, mitochondria repair, anti-inflammatory herbs, low dose naltrexone, medical marijuana and cbd oil.

He also briefly reviews prescription medicine approaches and medications.

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Can Lyme Disease Be Cured?

Can Lyme disease be cured or just put into remission? The answer depends on when treatment is started.

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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Lyme

Mast cells are immune system cells found throughout the body. In the past, in medicine we thought they were only turned on to release histamines in allergic reactions. However we now know that they are turned on by a host of things...

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Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme

Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) uses bee venom to improve Lyme symptoms. Marty Ross MD explains how this therapy could help in chronic Lyme disease.

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