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Finished? And How to Prevent Relapse

It was a good week here at The Healing Arts Partnership. One of my patients with chronic Lyme disease graduated from treatment while another group of patients seen this week are nearing that point. While I enjoy many aspects of my practice, seeing patients complete treatment and celebrating that with them is what I enjoy most.

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Target Viruses, Mycoplasma, & Chlamydia in Lyme? Maybe Not

It is not necessary to treat most Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, or chronic viruses in Lyme disease with targeted antigerm therapy. Marty Ross MD explains why.

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Alinia: When & Why in Lyme Disease Treatment

Alinia (Nitazoxanide) is a prescription medication that may help in a Lyme disease treatment. There are a number of reasons to consider using Alinia. In this article Dr. Ross reviews when to use this prescription medication.

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Prevent Yeast and Leaky Gut Syndrome. Take These Steps.

Too many yeast in the intestines (yeast overgrowth) is a common problem that occurs in those with chronic Lyme disease either during treatment or prior to beginning treatment. Yeast overgrowth can result in an ongoing systemic allergic reaction to the yeast that can suppress the immune system.

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Heat Up, Speed Up: Thyroid & Adrenals in Lyme

Low hormones occur often in chronic Lyme disease. If you have symptoms of low hormones use the supplements and drugs I recommend in this article. Do not trust blood tests to decide if you should treat your thyroid or adrenals.

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Probiotics in Lyme Treatment

Probiotics support the intestines, immune system and much more in a Lyme disease treatment. Marty Ross MD reviews the science and best probiotic products to use. 

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Interstitial Cystitis & Bladder Symptoms in Lyme

Bladder pain, peeing frequently, and burning with urination in Lyme disease may be caused by Interstitial Cystitis. Marty Ross MD reviews natural medicines and diet changes that can help this problem.

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Glutathione: The Great Fixer

Glutathione is a very strong antioxidant found in everyone's cells. It is used to lower cellular waste products called oxidation agents and free radicals, repair cell damage, and remove toxins.

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Biofilms: Lyme Disease Gated Communities

Biofilms in Lyme disease can block treatment. Marty Ross MD reviews treatments for biofilms based on the latest science.

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Stevia for Lyme Disease

Stevia for Lyme disease is a plant that sweetens food and may help treat Lyme spirochetes.

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