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About Stem Cell Therapy for Lyme

Marty Ross MD describes stem cell therapy and whether it is useful for Lyme disease treatment.

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Glutathione: The Great Fixer

Glutathione is a very strong antioxidant found in everyone's cells. It is used to lower cellular waste products called oxidation agents and free radicals, repair cell damage, and remove toxins.

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NT Factor Phospholipids

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases NT Factor phospholipids for lipid replacement therapy may

  • decrease fatigue,
  • improve mental clarity, and
  • repair cell damage.
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Key Oral Peptide Strategies to Repair and Restore in Lyme & Mold Toxicity

Learn why, when, and how to use oral peptides to repair tissue injuries and to restore healthy immune system function. Marty Ross MD describes the approach he uses with his patients using various peptide supplements. 

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How to Fix Muscle Wasting in Tick-Borne Infections and Mold Toxicity

Marty Ross MD explains the best ways to repair muscle wasting in Lyme disease, tick-borne infections and mold toxicity. 

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Your Guide to a Healthy Intestinal Microbiome—Even on Antibiotics

Marty Ross, MD lays out the best ways to protect your intestinal microbiome while on antibiotics to treat tick-borne infections. This article includes Marty Ross, MDs Gut Health Action Plan.

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