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Treat Lyme by Marty Ross MD is an online guide, with practical step-by-step plans using supplements and prescriptions, for most chronic Lyme-related problems.

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In Hacking Lyme Disease: An Action Guide to Wellness, Marty Ross MD provides chronic Lyme disease treatment plans for you and your healthcare provider. Dr. Ross also reviews alternative treatments like Rife machines and ozone based on the latest science. 

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“I believe strongly that given the right information people with chronic Lyme and tick borne illnesses can recover.

My goal in offering Treat Lyme is to empower all that have this illness to recover.”

Marty Ross MD


APR 01 2024

Solving the Puzzle—The Ross Long Covid Support Protocol

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MAR 15 2024

How to Deal with Stress in Tick-borne Infections or Mold Toxicity

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April 18 2024

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