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Work beside Marty Ross, MD and a community of good neighbors like you to find support and real health solutions. 

LymeUNITED is a community powering YOUR health. 

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LymeUNITED Offers a Better Way



Here, working with your neighbors and medical input from Marty Ross, MD, you can find your path to health. 




  • a kind, safe, and vital membership community of empowered people, or their families and caretakers, working to overcome Lyme and related diseases;
  • people working together to find effective health solutions; and  
  • powered, but not limited, by the self-help website, store, and books of Marty Ross, MD.

Learn more about the LymeUNITED Team.


Better than Facebook Groups
Better than Doctor Google 

Patient Driven with Physician Input. People living with Lyme and their families drive our conversations. Marty Ross, MD provides medical input based on his extensive experience. 

Secure and Private. LymeUNITED is hosted on the Circle Platform—so, there are no Facebook Groups issues.


Safety First

Here at LymeUNITED we aim for a safe place where you can learn and develop solutions. Because this forum is hosted by Marty Ross, MD—medical safety is a priority. If an idea is medically unsafe, Dr. Ross will let the community know.

We follow our Be Kind Community Guidelines.  Our neighbors here are KIND. 

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Lisa Cariddi—Lyme Warrior


More Testimonials

A beacon of light in the shadows, hope restored, this platform is a priceless asset in the journey of healing.

LymeUNITED! I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be part of this group. In a world full of misinformation and misdiagnosis, things can turn dark and lonely pretty quickly. Joining LymeUNITED has given me a community of people who understand and truly care.

Members reach out to ask questions and support each other with ideas, experience, resources and sometimes even contacts. Being from the state of Connecticut, I’m no stranger to Lyme disease but due to its complexity and constantly evolving treatment options I am always learning new, helpful information. Also invaluable is Ask Marty Ross, MD Live, a weekly zoom where cases and questions are reviewed. I was fortunate enough to present my case and get incredible insight and suggestions.

Lyme UNITED provides access to a seasoned Lyme Literate doctor, the support of a Lyme Literate community, expert presentations/discussions and so much more.

Ready to Take Your Health to The Next Level?



Motivated Members Wanted

We are looking for the right people to join our community. Are you the right person?

Our ideal community members are

  • people or their families and caretakers working to overcome Lyme and related diseases;
  • self-driven explorers ready to pull up their sleeves and jump in;
  • citizens committed to helping others and to helping themselves;
  • bold people ready to make comments, create posts, ask questions, and just make this community flow; and
  • neighbors seeking friendship and community.

No wall flowers or lookers please!

Next Steps

1) Make Sure We're Right for You.

Read our Unique LymeUNITED TermsNote: We Power Health—But, Marty Ross, MD, Does Not Provide Medical Care Here.

(LymeUNITED is for people living with Lyme or their families and caretakers. If you are a healthcare provider, we anticipate launching our provider community, LymeMEDIX, in early 2024.)

2) Check Out Our Subscription Plans—SEVEN Days Free

We are a membership community with a subscription fee. See if we are right for you with no financial obligation for seven days. See our membership subscription plans for more information. 

3) Sign Up. 

Pick your subscription plan and sign up.

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LymeUNITED Subscription



First Seven Days Free—Then Just $55/Month or $140/Quarter

When you subscribe, your first seven days are on us. To access our LymeUNITED community you will need a membership subscription, but we will not charge your credit card on record for seven days. If you decide we are not right for you, cancel your membership within seven days, and we will not charge your card.

(Note: we offer the first seven days free one time only. If you cancel your subscription and then subscribe again, you will not receive another seven days free.)

Three-month membership for LymeUNITED is BEST

We offer monthy and quarterly paid subscription membership options. In our experience, our members get the most out of LymeUNITED when they initially commit to three months. This amount of time gives you the best chance of learning your way around here and developing the skills and confidence to contribute regularly. The more you contribute—the more you will receive!

15 Percent Discount. To promote our three-month membership, we provide you a 15 percent discount compared to our monthly membership rate. 

Save 15% with quarterly billing!

  Treat Lyme by Marty Ross MD LymeUNITED
Cost Free $55/month or $140/quarter
Online Lyme Guide
Ross Lyme Support Protocol
Conversations with Marty Ross MD—Lyme Q&A Webinar*
Ask Marty Ross, MD Live—Interactive Lyme Q&A Webinar*  
Member to Member Discussion Forum  
Marty Ross, MD Office Hours—Written Answers to Questions  
Wins on Wednesdays Discussion Forum  
Say Hello—Introduce Yourself  
Member Hosted Events  

*Dr. Ross offers two live webinars.

  • Ask Marty Ross MD, Live is 90 minutes once a week. It is interactive with Dr. Ross and members on live video feed like a Zoom room communicating back and forth. In addition, community members can offer answers to the question too for Dr. Ross to consider in his final answer.
  • Conversations with Marty Ross MD is also 90 min once a week. It is primarily one way with no participant involvement in developing the answer. Participants submit written questions and Dr. Ross responds on live video feed without asking the questioner clarifying questions.


Meet Our LymeUNITED Team



About Us

Here are the people working with you at LymeUNITED. We are a small but mighty team.


Christine is an expert in all things customer service. She has worked side by side with Dr. Ross at Marty Ross MD Supplements and Marty Ross MD Healing Arts. Christine knows a thing or two about Lyme disease and helping people navigate the illness from a customer service standpoint. She gets chronic illness and people living with Lyme disease. Simply put—she is a darn nice person!

Here at LymeUNITED, she helps you with questions related to using the site and membership and billing. She kindly reminds everyone to to follow our Be Kind Community Guidelines and resolves problems related to this. She monitors all conversations, and when appropriate, suggests articles Marty Ross, MD has written about a topic.

Here are some personal tidbits about Christine. She is a 

  • graduate of the University of Washington; 
  • competitive weight lifter;
  • mom; 
  • opera singer; 
  • wife; 
  • cat and dog person; and 
  • a very kind-hearted soul. 


Marty Ross, MD is a passionate Lyme disease educator and clinical expert. He helps Lyme sufferers and their physicians see what really works based on his review of the science and extensive real-world experience. Dr. Ross is licensed to practice medicine in Washington State (License: MD00033296) where he has treated thousands of Lyme disease patients in his Seattle practice before moving to Austin, Texas in 2023.

To help people with Lyme and related illnesses Dr. Ross established the Lyme education site Treat Lyme by Marty Ross MD and Marty Ross MD Supplements. And now, he is bringing you the LymeUNITED community.

As Community Director, Marty set up this website and the various spaces for members to communicate. He works with member input to add or remove spaces and events based on interest. In addition, he is the medical force of reason watching all discussions to make sure they are safe. He is the host of the weekly Ask Marty Ross, MD Live and the weekday Office Hours with Marty Ross, MD spaces here at LymeUNITED.

Here are some personal tidbits about Marty. He is 

  • a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine; 
  • an avid Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider (Texas Hill Country rides are the best); 
  • dad to his two beloved Basenji dogs—Halo and Thor; 
  • a connoisseur of fine whiskey, peated scotch, and artisinal mezcal;
  • an identical twin; and
  • a very neighborly person.






 I truly feel safe and at home within this group of Unitees! 

I have lived with chronic Lyme over a decade. It has been such a lonely journey but being a part of the LymeUnited community has been a game changer. I have met such an amazing group of people. Their trusted advice has been irreplaceable and the personal time with Dr Ross is priceless.

Joining Lyme United was a win win situation and solution to my Lyme needs! 

I began my Lyme/TBD journey with Marty Ross, MD in 2019. He was not my first Practitioner but after achieving 90% of my prior life back with his care, concern, and open mindedness, I knew I had found my "home". Upon his retirement to start another form of approaching Lyme through Lyme United, I thought that I would be left looking for another Practitioner and avenues to continue with my healthy climb upward. What I found instead was a group of intelligent, caring, and sharing people along with Dr. Ross that have taken me to a point I never thought attainable. He doesn't just remain in the background - he is still providing the advice, care, and intervention necessary to achieve the best health and wellness along with a group of people that are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable who truly "get it".

Ann D Testimonial for LymeUNITED Image

Ann D—Racing to Remission

Mary Baum

Mary Baum

Lyme United is a very educational site for patients suffering with tick-borne illness and related complications.

You can offer assistance to others and also learn from their experiences. Dr. Ross has been extremely helpful on the site with his expertise in tick-borne illnesses, mold and yeast.

LymeUNITED exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Ross provides extensive case reviews for patients managing difficult circumstances, and provides perspective on alternative approaches including his preferred version. His treatment approach is current and relevant in that he will adjust based on clinical outcomes and success. For example, he has adjusted his antibiotic first approach to working with botanical antimicrobials to minimize gut damage.

His environment is respectful, thoughtful and a great community of support.

Athina Hall Image

Athina Hall—Accountant and Tennis Lover 

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