Shoemaker Mold & CIRS Approach is Wrong in Chronic Lyme Disease

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Chronic Lyme and Shoemaker Mold Toxicity & CIRS

In this video article, Marty Ross MD explains why the Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's approach to mold toxicity and his Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is wrong when someone also has chronic Lyme disease.

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The key issue is Dr. Shoemaker and his trained physicians rely on inflammatory marker labs like C4a, TGF beta-1, VEGF, C3a, VIP and others along with a genetic profile test called an HLA-DR test to diagnose chronic mold toxicity. However, these inflammatory tests may be abnormal due to chronic Lyme or co-infections. And having a genetic predisposition for mold toxicity, does not mean a person manifests the problem.

Because of this, the better way to see if a person has mold toxicity illness is to measure mold toxin levels directly. This is done using a urine mycotoxin test.

To read more about diagnosing mold toxicity in chronic Lyme disease and treatments see Mold and Lyme Toxin Ilness on this site. To see more about the Shoemaker approach see his website.


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About The Author

Marty Ross, MD is a passionate Lyme disease educator and clinical expert. He helps Lyme sufferers and their physicians see what really works based on his review of the science and extensive real-world experience. Dr. Ross is licensed to practice medicine in Washington State (License: MD00033296) where he has treated thousands of Lyme disease patients in his Seattle practice.

Marty Ross, MD is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine and Georgetown University Family Medicine Residency. He is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

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