Control Cytokines: A Guide to Fix Lyme Symptoms & The Immune System

Lower  inflammation cytokines to feel better, boost your immune system, and to decrease Herxheimer reactions. In this article I review the good and bad of cytokines and provide detailed plans for you to lower these chemicals made by white blood cells.

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The Best Brain, Inflammation, Pain, Energy, and Detox Diet Ever

Try this diet. I think it is the best option for someone with chronic Lyme disease. It is designed to: improve brain function and grow nerve connections, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease which Lyme can trigger, decrease inflammation and inflammation cytokines from infection, prevent and treats yeast overgrowth in …

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Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, & CBD for Lyme.

I live in Washington state where state law provides for both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Federal law does not allow for medical marijuana, but it allows for the unrestricted sale of products derived from hemp.

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Stop the Pain! About Lyme Disease Migraines.

In this video article I describe key supplements and prescription medicines to manage Lyme disease migraines.

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Neuropathy Repair. Heal That Tingling, Numbness, & Pain.

In chronic Lyme disease, with or without the coinfections of babesia and bartonella, it is common to have nerve injury. In this video and written article Marty Ross MD discusses the steps you can take to repair the tingling, numbness, and pain that occur in this condition.

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On Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) & Lyme. Does It Help?

Naltrexone is an opioid receptor blocker. Narcotics like oxycodone found in Percocet and hydrocodone found in Vicodin are opioids. When they bind to an opioid receptor narcotics regulate pain. We have natural narcotics (opioids) in our bodies called endorphins which also regulate pain and perform other functions. 

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Pain Pain Go Away! Natural Treatments.

Pain is the result of inflammation and direct injury of certain tissues. In Lyme, white blood cells that attack germs produce inflammatory cytokines like interleukin-6 and tissue necrosis factor alpha. These cytokines have many effects that ultimately produce inflammatory prostaglandins and hypercoagulability (easy clotting) of the blood.

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Herxheimer Die-Off Reaction: Inflammation Run Amok.

A die-off reaction, also called a Herxheimer reaction, can occur when treating the Lyme germ, some co-infections, and yeast. It occurs as bacteria or yeast die during antibiotic treatment. It is common to have Herxheimer die-off reactions when starting herbal anti-microbials or antibiotics when treating Lyme.

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In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Curcumin is an essential herb that

  • decreases pain
  • limits and improves Herxheimer die-off reactions,
  • boosts the immune system by lowering inflammation cytokines, and
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In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Quercetin is an herbal medicine that

  • decreases pain,
  • limits and improves Herxheimer die-off reactions,
  • improves bladder inflammation and irritation in interstitial cystitis, and
  • decreases allergic reactions.
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Ecklonia Cava

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Ecklonia Cava is an herbal medicine that

  • decreases pain, and
  • alleviates Herxheimer die-off reactions.
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In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Lumbrokinase

  • breaks apart biofilms,
  • improves blood flow to the tissues by decreasing sticky blood (hypercoagulation),
  • decreases crampy muscle pain, and
  • improves supplement or prescription medicine delivery deep into the tissues.
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IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous nutritional therapies deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micro-nutrients directly into the blood stream. This direct method, bypassing the digestive system, delivers a high level of nutrients directly to the body's cells. IV therapies can benefit those with disease states when diet and/or oral supplements do not work alone. In chronic Lyme disease, IV nutritional therapy can improve:

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