Biofilms: Lyme Disease Gated Communities

Biofilms in Lyme disease can block treatment. Marty Ross MD reviews treatments for biofilms based on the latest science.

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Biocidin: A Potent Antimicrobial & Biofilm Breaker

Biocidin is blend of herbs that is changing the way I approach my Lyme disease treatments. I consider it an essential natural medicine to mix with Lyme disease prescription or herbal antibiotics like otoba bark extract and cats claw. It can even kill Lyme on its own. According to unpublished …

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Otoba Bark Extract and Cat's Claw Tinctures

In chronic Lyme disease Otoba Bark Extract and Cat's Claw

  • kill the various forms of borrelia (the Lyme germ),
  • decrease and eliminate biofilms,
  • treat dormant Lyme germs that are unresponsive to prescriptive antibiotics, and
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In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Lumbrokinase

  • breaks apart biofilms,
  • improves blood flow to the tissues by decreasing sticky blood (hypercoagulation),
  • decreases crampy muscle pain, and
  • improves supplement or prescription medicine delivery deep into the tissues.
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Stevia for Lyme Disease

Stevia for Lyme disease is a plant that sweetens food and may help treat Lyme spirochetes.

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