Why Chronic Lyme Treatment Fails - A Review with Strategies

Marty Ross MD reviews reasons people remain ill with chronic Lyme disease even after taking one to two or even more years of herbal or prescription antibiotics. In his experience, this seems to be about 15 percent of people with chronic Lyme disease. 

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Can Lyme Disease Be Cured?

Can Lyme disease be cured or just put into remission? The answer depends on when treatment is started.

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Positive Lyme Test, No Symptoms, Don't Treat

In my webinars and medical practice, I am often asked what to do when someone has a positive Lyme test but is healthy with no symptoms of the disease. With the exception of an acute tick bite within the last 6 months, I don't recommend treating with herbal or prescription antibiotics in these situations. However, I do suggest that the person take steps to support his or her immune system. But if symptoms of Lyme disease develop, then he or she should begin herbal or prescription antibiotics.

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Should I Get the Flu Vaccine in Lyme Disease?

It is not always a good idea to get the flu vaccine in Lyme disease. In this video and written article I describe the risks and benefits of getting the vaccine so you can make the best choice for your health.

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Can Lyme Be Sexually Transmitted? Yes

Lyme can be sexually transmitted. In this article I review the science behind this statement and the risk that I believe exists. I also answer the following questions:

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Are Antibiotics Safe? Generally, Yes

Treating Lyme is about weighing benefits and risk. For many treatment requires the use of herbal or prescription antibiotics. In spite of the general viewpoint, antibiotics are generally safe. The risks of antibiotics are actually quite low compared to the health and life risk of not treating chronic Lyme disease.

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Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, & CBD for Lyme

I live in Washington state where state law provides for both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Federal law does not allow for medical marijuana, but it allows for the unrestricted sale of products derived from hemp.

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LDI: Bring on The Regulators

There is a relatively new treatment for Lyme disease and the co-infections that is designed to improve how a person feels by regulating the immune system away from inflammation. Some practitioners using this method are reporting improvements in up to 90% of people. It is called LDI which is an abbreviation …

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Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Vit. C, UV Blood Irradiation & Lyme

Oxidation Therapy using ozone, hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet irradiation, and high dose IV vitamin C may help in Lyme, but it could be dangerous. See why in this article by Marty Ross MD

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About Stem Cell Therapy for Lyme

Marty Ross MD describes stem cell therapy and whether it is useful for Lyme disease treatment.

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Rife Machines for Lyme Disease Treatment

Marty Ross MD describes how Rife machines could work to treat Lyme and whether they are effective or not. He also provides resources for those considering using Rife machines to treat Lyme disease.

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Is It Lyme, Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Many people with Lyme disease are incorrectly diagnosed as having fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. In this article Marty Ross MD describes the differences in these illnesses and how to tell if your fatigue or body aches are actually part of Lyme disease.

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Repeat Lyme & Coinfection Testing to Check Treatment Status Is Not Valid

Do not waste your money testing to see if your Lyme and coinfection treatment is working. Marty Ross MD discusses why repeat Lyme testing to check treatment status is not valid or accurate. 

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