Lyme Look-alikes Blocking Recovery

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Lyme Disease Look-Alikes Image by Marty Ross MD

Cytokine Syndromes That Look Like Lyme

Most Lyme disease symptoms are really symptoms of excess cytokine inflammation in the body. Any other syndrome or medical condition that causes the immune system to make too many cytokines, looks just like Lyme disease.

As I discuss in Control Cytokines: A Guide to Fix Lyme Symptoms & The Immune System, cytokines made by white blood cells to fight invaders are good and bad. On the bad side, excess cytokines cause most of the symptoms found in Lyme disease. On the good side, white blood cells make cytokines when they see invaders, like bacteria, viruses, and toxins, to turn on the immune system. But in many conditions, where the invader wins the battle, the immune system makes too many cytokines. 

Blocked Lyme DiseaseTreatment

By six to nine months of a full Lyme treatment, if a person has had little to no improvments, then it is time to consider if another condition is causing too many cytokines, making it look like the Lyme treatment is not working. Below, in the video, I discuss these four conditions. It may be necessary to continue treating Lyme while adding steps to address these conditions.

What I mean by a "full Lyme treatment" is following the first 12 steps in the Ross Lyme Support Protocol. To be clear, this protocol calls for treating Lyme, and if present the coinfections of Bartonella, Babesia, Anaplasma, and Ehrlicia. It also includes steps that help detox, support the immune system, and lower cytokines. If these steps are followed, and a person is not recovering, then it is time to look at other Lyme look-alike conditions.

Marty Ross MD Discusses Lyme Look-alikes

This video clip was recorded during Conversations with Marty Ross MD, our free weekly Lyme Q&A webinar series.

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