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Ecklonia Cava, Lumbrokinase, and Ashwagandha in Lyme disease by Marty Ross MD image.

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases Ecklonia Cava is an herbal medicine that

  • decreases pain, and
  • alleviates Herxheimer die-off reactions.

Marty Ross MD on Ecklonia Cava

As a powerful anti-oxidant, Ecklonia Cava decreases oxidizing agents that trigger inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are made by the immune system in response to chronic infections and the killing of Lyme germs. Cytokines treat infections by turning on various white blood cells, but also cause pain, achiness, fatigue, hormonal dysregulation, and poor sleep. In chronic Lyme and associated diseases the immune system makes too many cytokines. In a sense, Lyme disease is a syndrome of cytokine dysregulation and excess. As a I tell my patients, in some ways it is a misnomer to say someone has Lyme Disease symptoms. In fact what they really have are excess cytokine symptoms and other symptoms of organ or tissue injury.

A Herxheimer Die-off reaction is the result of a cytokine flare (increased cytokine production by the immune system) in response to antibiotics killing Lyme germs. In a Herxheimer die-off reaction, Lyme symptoms worsen significantly when antimicrobials are started or changed.

Pharmaceutical medicine does not have effective anti-cytokine agents that are safe to use in chronic Lyme and associated diseases. Steroids can lower cytokines but suppress the immune system making it hard to treat the Lyme infection. Others like Remicaide also suppress the immune system in harmful ways.

Method of Action

Ecklonia Cava is the strongest oral anti-oxidant available. It has eight structural rings that literally mop up oxidizing agents that trigger cytokine production.

Oxidizing agents are made by the immune system to kill germs. They are also created in cells when they are injured. When germs like borrelia (the lyme germ) and the coinfections like bartonella die, they release oxidizing agents too. Based on the work of Martin Pall PhD, we know that oxidizing agents are powerful triggers for cytokine production.


Ecklonia Cava is a derivative of brown sea weed.


For pain and Herxheimer die-off reactions I recommend Ecklonia Cava 400mg 2 pills 2 or 3 times a day.


This is a safe herbal medicine without any know adverse interactions with other herbal medicines or prescription medicines.

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