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The end of a Lyme disease treatment

Finished? And How to Prevent Relapse.

I updated this article on 12/14/17 to include new information about Biocidin herbal formula in relapse prevention. I also now recommend pulsing herbal and prescription antibiotics in a relapse prevention regimen. Marty Ross MD

It was a good week here at The Healing Arts Partnership. One of my patients with chronic Lyme disease graduated from treatment while another group of patients seen this week are nearing that point. While I enjoy many aspects of my practice, seeing patients complete treatment and celebrating that with them is what I enjoy most. So what does it mean to finish treatment?

For patient confidentiality I cannot identify the graduating patient by name, but I can by how he occurs to me. He is Mr. Canadian Sweet Spirit Big Heart (MCSSBH). MCSSBH came to my practice a couple of years before. Because of his illness, he had to stop his job as a carpenter and was no longer able to participate actively in his family life. In our recent visit he noted very good energy and that his life was once more under his command. He spoke of fully working as a carpenter and participating actively and lovingly in his family life. We talked about what it means to be finished with treatment. We then created together his plan of action to maintain his health in order to live his life fully. As we said goodbye, MCSSBH blessed me and thanked me for the return of his life. I thanked him for his kind and touching words and sent him on his way…and I blessed him back.

Lyme Lives On Even After Treatment

The conversation I had with MCSSBH is similar in medical content to those I have with others in his situation. The concern I have in finishing treatment is to prevent relapse. So there it is….the reality I do not like to share, and what my patients do not like to hear. For most with Lyme of a year or more at the beginning of treatment, treatment does not get rid of every germ. Relapses are actually quite common for those with chronic Lyme disease. It might be fair to say that for those who have had the illness more than a year before beginning treatment at the end their dis-ease is in remission. This is not the case for those with acute Lyme treated within a month of infection. Treatment for the majority of this group truly seems to eradicate the germ. For those treated within 1 month to a year after the infection, it is a mixed bag based on my experience. Some do not relapse while others do.

Preparing to Stop Active Treatment

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