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Take control of your health to live life fully

by Marty Ross MD and Tara Brooke ND

From Experienced Lyme Literate Medical Doctors.

     Marty Ross MD and Tara Brooke ND created Treat Lyme and Associated Diseases to empower you with knowledge and resources to take charge of your health. They also created this site to educate physicians about these advanced treatment approaches so that all with chronic Lyme and associated diseases successfully recover and live life fully.

     Marty Ross MD and Tara Brooke ND are among the nation's leading experts on the use of integrative medicine to treat chronic Lyme and associated diseases. Together they have nearly twenty years of experience treating thousands of people with Lyme and other fatiguing illnesses. The secret behind their successful treatments is the use of advanced holistic and supplement-based approaches mixed with traditional prescriptive medicines. 

Our Integrative Medicine Doctor's Bag.


Step One. Build a whole treatment or boost your existing treatment. Use our Lyme disease treatment guidelines The Successful Treatment Recipe.

Step Two. Add to your treatment using our problem-based free treatment manual Supplements and Advanced Treatments for Lyme and Associated Diseases.

Step Three. If you have questions we have the answers. Participate in our premier Q & A webinar Conversations with Marty Ross MD on Tuesdays.


Step Four. Get personalized care you can use on your own or share with your physician (lyme literate or not). Try a One-to-One Medical Consult by video Skype or phone.

Ongoing. Improve your knowledge and keep up to date with the latest infromation. We post new Lyme disease written and video information regularly in our Articles section.