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What IV Nutritional Therapy Helps

Intravenous nutritional therapies deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micro-nutrients directly into the blood stream. This direct method, bypassing the digestive system, delivers a high level of nutrients directly to the body's cells. IV therapies can benefit those with disease states when diet and/or oral supplements do not work alone. In chronic Lyme disease, IV nutritional therapy may improve:

  • energy,
  • decrease pain,
  • aid the immune system,
  • repair cell and nerve injury,
  • support detoxification, and
  • reverse Herxheimer die-off reactions.

Restore Normal Cell Functions

In chronic Lyme disease, often critical vitamins are not absorbed into the blood stream. Even when they reach the blood critical nutrients may not reach the inside of cells. There are two ways that essential nutrients move into cells. One mechanism utilizes cell transport vehicles to carry vitamins across the cell membrane. Another is by osmosis where high concentrations of a substance on one side of a membrane move through the membrane to reach an area of lower concentration without reliance on transport vehicles. In chronic Lyme disease and other fatiguing illnesses often the cell transport vehicles do not work correctly. So cells are literally starved of critical nutrients. Through IV nutritional therapy, high concentrations of nutrients in the blood stream reach the inside of cells. Eventually, with these nutrients, cells start working correctly. As cell transport vehicles return to full function IV nutritional therapy restores normal cell functions.


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