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Transfer factors in Lyme disease treatment
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Transfer Factors: Turn On The Army.

What Are Transfer Factors?

In my treatments I often use transfer factors to boost the immune system when someone is not getting better or to prevent relapse of borrelia (Lyme), bartonella, and babesia. In this article I describe the important role of transfer factors and how to take them as part of a Lyme disease treatment to boost the immune system.

I like to divide the immune system into two parts to describe transfer factors. These parts are the detectives and the army.


This is the part of the immune system that can identify viruses and tell the army which cells contain them. But the detectives do not fight. They turn on the army to fight the battle.

The detectives include a type of white blood cell called a phagocyte and another type of white blood cell called a CD 4 T Helper. Phagocytes see infected cells. They present these cells to the CD-4 T Helper cells and turn them on with inflammation chemicals called cytokines. The CD-4 T Helper cells then make transfer factors. Transfer factors bind to cells containing the viruses. Effectively the transfer factors communicate to the army which cells should be attacked.

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