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Mitochondria Dysfunction in Lyme Disease Treatment

Power Up! Energy and Mitochondria.

You can improve your energy in chronic Lyme disease by fixing the power factories of cells called mitochondria. For many with Lyme, the mitochondria get injured and do not produce enough energy. But there are effective steps to take that fix the damage and give energy back.

Mitochondria are the energy factories found in every cell in the body. By some estimates there are nearly 400 per cell. In chronic Lyme disease or in toxicity issues, due to oxidative stress the mitochondria can be injured leading to fatigue that will not improve. In oxidative stress chemicals build up that can damage membranes and even the DNA genetic material of mitochondria.

As power factories,¬†mitochondria create a type of cell fuel called ATP. This is created as fat and sugar are burned through a number of chemical reactions called Kreb’s cycle and another process called oxidative phosphorylation. The fuel sources for mitochondria are fat and sugar. Both need to be transported to the inside of the mitochondria.

When To Repair Mitochondria

I usually fix mitochondria if the essential steps I recommend to treat Lyme do not provide good improvements in energy by 6-9 months. For these essential steps see Fix Fatigue Boost Your Energy: The Basic Steps.

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