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Mold Toxin Illness in Lyme Disease by Marty Ross MD

Mold and Lyme Toxin Illness

One reason some with Lyme disease have a hard time recovering is due to Mold Toxin Illness. Some also have problems removing Lyme toxins. In this video and written article I describe the latest approaches that I use successfully to diagnose and treat mold and lyme toxin illness.

There is a theory promoted by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in his various publications including Mold Warriors and Surviving Mold and his online site that 25% of all people are unable to remove mold and/or Lyme toxins once they are exposed. Dr. Shoemaker developed an elaborate science around his theory. The basic idea is that 75% of people are able to transform mold and Lyme toxins from a fat-based form into a water-based form. In a water-based form, they are moved out into the intestines where they are pooped out. Due to a genetic predisposition (HLA-DR defect), however, 25% of people are unable to transform the fat toxin to a water toxin. So, they get moved from the liver to the intestines while still fat-soluble.

In a fat-soluble form, they are then reabsorbed into the blood stream through the intestines. Thus, if a person is one of the 25%, they literally swim in toxins that keep triggering cytokines. Cytokines cause most Lyme symptoms. So Mold and Lyme Toxin Illness can look identical to Lyme disease. This can become worse as the result of killing Lyme, which releases toxins from the inside of the germ – adding more to the recirculating pool of toxins, triggering even more cytokines. Read more about cytokines and my recommendations to lower them in Control Cytokines: A Guide to Fix Lyme Symptoms & The Immune System.

Adding to the complexity of Mold Toxin Illness is the work of Joseph Brewer, M.D., an infectious disease specialist. His study of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome found 93% were positive for one or more of the following mycotoxins in their urine: ochratoxin A, aflatoxin, and trichothecene (black mold toxins). In later work, Dr. Brewer theorizes an ongoing source for mold toxins is colonization of the sinus passages

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