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How to Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease. More Than A Test.

This new video article updates the first article from 2012. This latest video includes information on where and how to diagnose chronic Lyme.  With this information you can direct your primary care physician or another physician on the best ways to diagnose Lyme. This includes a review of the latest tests and best laboratory systems like IGenex and Armin Labs. Marty Ross MD

How To Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease

Learn how to diagnose chronic Lyme disease in this informative video article. I describe the best tests for diagnosing Lyme in this video. But diagnosing Lyme requires more than testing. In fact around 20% of people can have Lyme even when testing is negative. Ultimately Lyme is a clinical rather than a laboratory diagnosis.

For more information about the types and accuracy of Lyme infection tests see A Review of Lyme Infection Tests. Pass or Fail. See my Lyme disease treatment guidelines called The Ross Lyme Support Protocol for information on treatment.

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