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Depression in Lyme Disease Treatment

Depression & Anxiety: Basic Approaches and Natural Medicines.

It is common for people who have Lyme and associated diseases to have mental health issues. These issues are either

  • reactive: a normal and understandable reaction to feeling ill, or
  • organic: caused by the the Lyme germ or the Lyme disease co-infections.

Depression and anxiety are the most common issues but mental health problems can also include manic depression (bipolar illness), obsession and compulsion, attention deficit and hyperactivity, and other mental health problems.

Lyme Is Not in Your Head

To be clear, the mental health issues as part of Lyme disease are correctly diagnosed as mental health problems. By comparison some are also told all of the symptoms they experience with Lyme disease are somatic or in their heads and that essentially they are crazy. These diagnosis and opinions are incorrect. Wrongly, doctors who do not understand or who deny chronic Lyme disease say that problems with the illness are solvable with a good counselor and psychiatric medications.

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