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How to Diagnose

When & How to Treat Chronic Viruses: A Brief Guide.

Viruses in Lyme Disease Treatment

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases there are a variety of infectious agents that may be responsible for symptoms. For some to recover requires treating Lyme, other infections transmitted by a tick like bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia, and anaplasma, parasites, yeast, and chronic viral infections. In this video and written article …

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A Silent Problem. Do You Have Yeast?

How to Diagnose Yeast in a Lyme disease treatment

Too many yeast in the intestines (yeast overgrowth) is a common problem that occurs in those with chronic Lyme disease either during treatment or prior to beginning treatment. Antibiotics used to treat Lyme can lead to too many yeast. Immune suppression prior to starting antibiotics can also cause yeast overgrowth. …

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How to Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease. More Than A Test.

Learn how to diagnose chronic Lyme disease in this informative video article. The best tests for diagnosing Lyme are described in this video. But diagnosing Lyme requires more than testing. In fact around 20% of people can have Lyme even when testing is negative. Ultimately Lyme is a clinical rather …

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