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About Lyme Disease

The Successful Treatment Recipe for Chronic Lyme Disease

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Here are Lyme disease treatment guidelines for anyone with chronic Lyme and associated diseases. The Successful Treatment Recipe includes essential treatment steps that you should address at the beginning and throughout a treatment. It is designed to: boost the immune system, speed recovery, kill the infections, and protect and repair from the harmful effects of the infections …

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Are Antibiotics Safe? Generally, Yes.

Treating Lyme is about weighing benefits and risk. For many treatment requires the use of herbal or prescription antibiotics. In spite of the general viewpoint, antibiotics are generally safe. I advise my patients the risks of antibiotics are actually quite low compared to the health and life risk of not …

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How to Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease. More Than A Test.

Learn how to diagnose chronic Lyme disease in this informative video article. The best tests for diagnosing Lyme are described in this video. But diagnosing Lyme requires more than testing. In fact around 20% of people can have Lyme even when testing is negative. Ultimately Lyme is a clinical rather …

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