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How to Boost The Immune System in Lyme.

Most with chronic Lyme disease have immune suppression that makes it hard to recover. There are many issues that effect the immune system including

  • infection toxins and factors,
  • hygiene like diet and rest,
  • hormones,
  • emotional toxins,
  • environmental toxins, and
  • excess inflammatory cytokines.

In this article I describe each of these factors and what you can do to change them. I lay out a step-by-step approach for life style changes and supplements you can take to boost the immune system.

Healthy Immune Hygiene in a Lyme Disease Treatment

One of the best ways to optimize your immune system is through regular immune boosting practices. These include light to moderate exercise, meditation, quality sleep, and a healthy diet. For information about sleep see: Sleep 101: The Basics. For information about diet see The Best Brain, Inflammation, Pain, and Detox Diet Ever.

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