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How to Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease. More Than A Test.

How to Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease Image

This new video article updates the first article from 2012. This latest video includes information on where and how to diagnose chronic Lyme.  With this information you can direct your primary care physician or another physician on the best ways to diagnose Lyme. This includes a review of the latest …

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Finished? And How to Prevent Relapse.

The end of a Lyme disease treatment

I updated this article on 12/14/17 to include new information about Biocidin herbal formula in relapse prevention. I also now recommend pulsing herbal and prescription antibiotics in a relapse prevention regimen. Marty Ross MD It was a good week here at The Healing Arts Partnership. One of my patients with chronic …

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Biofilms: Lyme Disease Gated Communities

Lyme Disease Biofilm

I updated this Lyme disease biofilms article on December 13, 2017 to include new information about how biofilms form and grow; plus information about the herbal product Biocidin.  Marty Ross MD Lyme disease biofilms are protective communities for Lyme germs. In these various forms of the Lyme bacteria hide from …

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Control Cytokines: A Guide to Fix Lyme Symptoms & The Immune System.

Cytokines in Lyme Disease Treatment

Lower  inflammation cytokines to feel better, boost your immune system, and to decrease Herxheimer reactions. In this article I review the good and bad of cytokines and provide detailed plans for you to lower these chemicals made by white blood cells. Everyone with Lyme and tick borne illnesses should take …

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The Successful Treatment Recipe for Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Treatment Image

Here are Lyme disease treatment guidelines for anyone with chronic Lyme and associated diseases. The Successful Treatment Recipe includes essential treatment steps that you should address at the beginning and throughout a treatment. It is designed to: boost the immune system, speed recovery, kill the infections, and protect and repair from the harmful effects of the infections …

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When & How to Treat Chronic Viruses: A Brief Guide.

Viruses in Lyme Disease Treatment

In chronic Lyme and associated diseases there are a variety of infectious agents that may be responsible for symptoms. For some to recover requires treating Lyme, other infections transmitted by a tick like bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia, and anaplasma, parasites, yeast, and chronic viral infections. In this video and written article …

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LDI: Bring on The Regulators

LDI in Lyme disease treatment

There is a relatively new treatment for Lyme disease and the co-infections that is designed to improve how a person feels by regulating the immune system away from inflammation. Some practitioners using this method are reporting improvements in up to 90% of people. It is called LDI which is an abbreviation …

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The Best Brain, Inflammation, Pain, Energy, and Detox Diet Ever.

Paleo diet in Lyme disease treatment

Try this diet. I think it is the best option for someone with chronic Lyme disease. It is designed to: improve brain function and grow nerve connections, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease which Lyme can trigger, decrease inflammation and inflammation cytokines from infection, prevent and treats yeast overgrowth in …

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Kills Babesia: A Brief Guide.

Babesia treatment in Lyme disease treatment

In my experience recovering from babesia, one of the Lyme disease co-infections, requires combination herbal or prescription antibiotics, steps to boost the immune system, and supplements to decrease inflammation caused by chemicals called cytokines. Boost the Immune System and Decrease Inflammation It is critical for babesia recovery to take steps …

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