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What's Going On

     As many of you know, we are a valuable source of information and treatment approaches for those who have chronic Lyme disease. Our information, based on our successful treatment approaches at the Healing Arts Partnership in Seattle, has helped many. It remains our mission to help as many as we can who have this illness.

     Recently our efforts to continue helping you are under attack. An independent watch dog group is threatening to turn us over for legal action to the United States Food and Drug Administration and the United States Federal Trade Commission. They believe our current information about supplements (herbs and vitamins) is in violation of federal law. 

     We have taken down this page and others throughout The Treat Lyme Book to rework contents. The work required is extensive to update the written content and edit existing videos through the entire book. This work is likely to continue through The end of September 2014. As we update each page and edit our existing videos we will make the page live again.

     Please have patience. This site is an act of love and compassion. I am the only person who works on this site. I do not have a team of people who can make the changes or even edit the existing videos. I will update the information on this site as I also continue seing patients in my full-time medical practice.

For Subscribers

     We value your support. Your existing subscription is providing us resources to hire a lawyer to help us with this matter. We hope you will stay with us through this period. However, if you desire a refund of your subscription we will do so. We will refund an amount which is a portion of your used subscription. For instance if you have an annual subscription that you purchased 6 months prior to contacting us you will receive a 50% refund. Please send your request for a refund to Marty Ross MD via email to Please provide a mailing address. We will mail you a refund check.

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     Help us with our efforts to bring this whole site live once more by purchasing a subscription. Thank you in advance. Your financial support will help many find healing.

In Health,

Marty Ross MD